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My name is Kristin Hain.  My husband Pat and I are the founders of Team Transformation!  We have been Coaches since 2009 and our mission is to help YOU achieve your goals & dreams through living a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition. exercise and being surrounded by a community of inspiring people!


Here's a little bit about each of us....


I am the face of our business and the one you'll most likely connect with most of the time.  I'm a total introvert if you meet me in person, however love connecting and inspiring people online through social media.


I own a local landscaping company and love gardening and plants.  My hobbies also include graphic design, hanging out with my family, and cuddling with our cats.  I have been through a lot in life and believe there's a reason for everything we go through good and bad.  


"I am not what happened to me....I am what I CHOOSE to become!"


This quote describes me perfectly.  I come from an alcoholic upbringing, have been through divorce, dealth wtih multiple health problems such as Grave's Disease and Colitis, I have joint problems in my back, wrists, knees and shoulders from decades of manual labor in the landscaping business.  BUT....I do not let these things stop or define me!  Click HERE to watch my story.


I'm the supportive "behind the scenes" guy when it comes to our Healthy Home Fitness Coaching business.

I may be technically challenged when it comes to social media and email, however I'll be the first one to strike up a conversation if we meet in person.  I LOVE being a dad, and my life revolves around my son Josh who I try to set a good example for and want to teach him good values, healthy behavior and positive attitude that will allow him to lead a successful life as he grows up.


I work as a maintenance supervisor for a manufacturing company and when I'm not working, I'm invested in my son's sports activities and finding bits of time to do things together as a family.  I enjoy boating, waterskiing, building things and projects that let me create something hands on.

Family & Pets

We have a busy family with a son who plays sports and we're always on the go!  Baseball and Basketball have ruled our lives for many years, but have been such an incredible experience for us all as a family.  We also have 3 "fur-babies", our cats.... Saki, Zen and Chopstik.

"Believe in yourself & you will be


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